Saturday, 24 December 2011

Never Lose Hope

Life is not always a bed of roses,
Life is not always a gentle flowing stream,
Twists and turns may crush your scholar mind,
Floods and fire may wash off your confident dreams,
All inviting memories and exciting moments
May get lost in the darkest hours.

But never lose hope,
Never lose your heart
Stand against the wind of time
Pick up the thorns on your way
and enjoy the inviting fragrance of roses.

Friday, 16 September 2011

पराया धन

ज़िन्दगी की पहली चीत्कार, तुमने गोद में उठाया
उसी दिन कह दिया लड़की तू है धन पराया
कोख से निकल कर आँख से निकला जब पहला आँसु
सबने घेर लिया हो कर बेकाबु
बचपन बीता थाम कर हाथ तेरा
कभी जाना नहीं क्या रात क्या सवेरा
घुटनों के बल चल कर खा कर ठोकर
चलना सीखा फिर आखिर रो कर
फिर जाना लड़की की क्या है पहचान
जब समजने लगी हर दिल का अरमान
बचपन में ही सीखा तू दूसरे घर की अमानत
वहाँ जा कर कभी किसी न करना बगावत
फिर सचमुच एक दिन कोई ले आता है डोली
लड़की से भर देते हैं उसकी झोली
छोड़ के मायके के आँगन को पीछे
चली दुल्हन ससुराल के चमन को सीचे
जिस घर में बचपन से जवानी का सफ़र काटा
वही घर आज उसके लिए हुआ पराया
ससुराल की देहलीज़ मान रहीत अपमान रहीत पार न हो
कहीं मायके से भी रिश्ते पर वार न हो
बस यही सोच जिए जा, करके पराये को अपना
कर दे पूरा हर जीवन का सपना
दुनिया कहती है - "लड़की तू है पराया धन"
कैसे बदलेगा दुनिया का ये नियम!!!

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Poem on Childhood - Looking Back on Childhood

I look back on my childhood days
Everything around was beautiful
Hearts filled with innocence
Life was just wonderful.

I remember the silly games
And the naïve ways to enjoy
No sense no meaning to life
But still life was filled with joy.

My dictionary had no words
Like injustice, hatred, and war
There was no distinction
And never a feeling of abhor.

With sincerer honesty deep within
And the purest of heart
Filled with virtuous emotions
The childhood has gone past.

A painful contrast is now discovered
Between childhood and adolescence
The undulating moments of youth today
Echoes the reflection of lost innocence.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Poem on Forgiveness – Please Forgive Me

While journeying through life alone
Exploring myself deep within
I discovered a truth hard to digest
A truth that caused me on fire
We often hurt those
Whom we love the most
We flatter fleeting friends and passing guests
But put an insensitive blow on those who love us best
I now feel the hurt
Of hurting those who love me
Tears rolling down and a heart with sincere apology
Please forgive me for hurting you
For making you so angry
Not just because I am feeling guilty
But I just can’t abide to see you unhappy.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Poem on Love

Love is a sweet gift of God
I have fallen in love my Lord
Everything seems to be beautiful and charming
I wonder if this is a warning
Day dreaming is a regular feature of mine
Love tastes like pure wine
Everytime I try to study
She surrounds me like a buddy
The book seems to resemble her face
I think I have already lost this race
All formulas look like words of love letter
I think I could better
Someone says ‘wake up’ dear
It tells me that studies are more near
I am not even spared at night
I think I have no future bright
She disturbs me in my dreams
And makes me sleep in grass green
This is my routine nowadays
And I wish her happiness always.

Poem on Hope - Burning from Within

Under the veil of darkness
I saw myself soaked in red
I felt my clothes in shred
I heard the cry of my bleeding heart
Searching for hope that had set apart.

I waited for long in dark
For some light to give a spark
Waited for the pain to subside
With the stream of tears flowing by my side.

As I waited I peeped into the past
Past filled with nostalgic memories
Moments of love moments of joy
Moments with happiness all around.

I let myself drenched again
I let tears escape again
For knowing I was paying for my mistakes
Mistakes that were never mine
Mistakes that I never did.

I then felt myself on fire
I cried aloud to put my heart’s desire
I fluttered my eyes and looked at the mirror
I saw myself burning…
Burning from within.

The sensation within was hurting
Could not bear the pain within
With a trembling fear I then closed my eyes
And peeped into my inner soul.

I could see something shining
Could feel a silent breeze waving within me
No more I’ll wait for the pain to subside
Past with all its pain I’ll leave aside.

I stood up and wiped my tears
I finally discovered the “Me”
And I’ll now carve my own identity!!!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Poem on Lost Love - Never Come Back

Long long be my heart with musing memories filled
Like the vase in which roses have once been distilled
You may break you may shatter the vase If you will
But the scent of the roses will hang around still

My love was strong to stay till eternity
But now it has just become a haunting memory
A loving heart has broken into a hundred pieces
All scattered with scars and bruises

A feeling of despair with clouds drifting in
I can also feel a deep fire burning within
It seemed as if the world is falling apart
But for me it was just a new start

From all your thoughts I now want to depart
But hopes will whisper from the heart
No longer will I think of you
No longer will I let your thoughts hurt me
I will move on with life
But please don’t you ever come back to me. 

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Poem on Friend - You Are Special

You are special and my bets pal
There is fragrance in your talk
There is love in your walk
You impress me by the way you smile
You let continue the flow of river Nile
See above wind of love is blowing
And the ocean of laughter is flowing
What's there that pulls me towards you
And I am nothing but a drop of dew
You came on the way, touched my hands
Life life in a dead body on land
I love you very much
Thanks for your sweet loving touch.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Just Never

A day will come
…When all your dreams will come true
…When all your desire will embrace
…When all your joys will strike within
Whatever you wish for will certainly come true one day.

From then you’ll never ever look back
…To remember the pain past gave you
…To cry over your failed attempts
…To feel the hurt of broken relationships.

But you’ll move ahead with joy
…To celebrate the success your efforts offered you
…To live treasured moments welcoming you
…And to feel the bliss of love around.

Just never lose faith
Never leave the strings of hope
Just never stop dreaming
Never let your inner self quit you
Just never stop and keep on moving

Poem about Life - Journey of Life

Life is an uncertain journey
…a journey with a destination not known

Looking back over the years…
I can feel the warmth of every new day
I can see the aura of love enlightening my world
I can feel myself cruising through the wonderland
I can sense the small yet beautiful joys of life
I can smile to the naughty yet pleasant moments
Yes…I can see life smiling with me

But life changes…
…changes over time

I can now see the light descending
The beautiful journey has embraced sorrow
As if I have innocently crushed my own life
No aura surrounding me to give me hope
No dream left to sustain me through life’s challenges
No joy left to get a smile to my face
No shadow to accompany me through the tough storm
And now… I see life smiling at me.

Journey moves on and so do I
With empty hands and barren heart
Just then a flash of light glimpse the road ahead
A new hope rekindles within
And the truth of life strikes within
After every day…even after the darkest hours
There is sunshine tomorrow
The descending light will again ascend
And the darkness will descend
Giving a new hope a new start
…a new start for my same uncertain journey
I am sure life will again smile with me on this journey of life.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Philosophy of Life

Where's the point to start over
Where's the copy that has no cover
Like puzzles and interesting tales
Life has sharpen its growing nails
Getting sharper day by day
How to face it all my way
From the window of my room
I throw the philosophy of life at gloom
I refuse to try and understand
And refuse to join the life's band
Whether I stand or I fall
I'll live that's all.

Poem on Lost Love

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Poem on Brother - My Great Brother

I tie my hopes my dreams in the silken thread of my virtuous love,
As God bestows precious blessings from heaven above,
The sun, the moon, the stars enthrall my ardor love and admiration,
For the inner soul and heart reflect my deepest devotion,
Love and devotion for a brother so great and true,
Even before the lord I shall indeed place you.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Inspirational Poem - Far Beyond the Horizon

I sit down beside the tree,
With shattered hopes and lost dreams,
A tear trickling down my cheeks,
Darkness spreading deep within.

I cuddle myself in fear,
And look around in despair,
All I could find is autumn leaves on the ground,
Sunlight going dim,
Waves of time flooding the land.

Just then...
I saw a face far beyond the horizon,
Shining bright over the high mountains and under the depth of heaven,
A radiating light emerged from there and some magic passed through me.

In seconds I saw autumn leaves disappearing,
Waves flowing in its own course,
A new ray of hope enlightening my heart,
As if all lost dreams are rejuvenating within me,
The darkness was slowly unveiling the light of heaven,
And my heart was overjoyed bringing a smile on my face.

That's the way I leave behind my sorrows in the flood of time,
And move ahead with new hopes and dreams.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Broken Love Poem - Whispering Hope

Long, long be my heart with musing memories filled,
Like the vase in which roses have once been distilled,
You may break, you may shatter the vase if you will,
But the scent of the roses hang around still.

The world was all wet and fresh and new,
When on the rose of your love I was a drop of dew,
The fragrance of love is no more in the air,
True love on earth is fragrant very rare.

The raindrops sang the songs of pleasure,
But the peacock have now folded its feather,
Love and rays of hope in my heart,
Was the end, not the start.

Whispering hope with an ultimate fate,
Waiting for a new dawn date,
From all your thoughts I want to depart,
But hopes will whisper from the heart,
'I Love You' with a broken heart.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Poem About Life - Journey of Life

I wish to begin the journey of life,
New afresh to beat failure and strife,
I wish to walk an extra mile,
To fight discomforts with an endearing smile,
I wish to fly and kiss the sky,
And teach to fly high and high,
I wish to forget the past with its pain,
To love the beautiful life again,
I wish to set myself free,
To accept what all life offers me,
Yes I have to learn to move on,
Because life will keep going on and on.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Poem on Brother- Loving Touch

Everything my brother touches in his loving way,
Blossoms in his tender care and brightens day by day,
That's why I bring him all my hopes, and my disappointments too,
Knowing of his special love, for helping dreams come true.

Maybe it's the word he says, that makes the subshine start,
Maybe it's his endless faith, that really warms my heart,
I don't know just what it is, that makes him loving so much,
But everyday I thank God...
...For my dear brother's loving touch.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Sad Poem - A Vision in Dark

Man has lived million of years,
To kill hatred and tears,
To kill venegeance and bring peace,
To turn lost hope to ease,
Down the street open your eyes,
You'll see a girl who sits and cries,
Near the gutter lies a baby,
Cold, weak, tired and starved,
Millions dying without a mission,
Fighting for power, land, and religion,
You'll see brothers fighting for property and land,
A sword of hatred in many people's hand,
Orphaned children and widowed women,
The story of their lives written with black pen,
This is a vision in dark,
It will change but one has to give a spark.

Inspirational Poem - Just Never

One day you'll see,
That all your dreams have finally come true,
What you have wished for,
Has finally come to be.
You'll then never again look back,
To remember the pain past gave you,
But with joy you will move ahead,
To celebrate success your efforts offered you.
Just never let go of hope,
Just never quit dreaming,
Never let love depart from your life,
Just never stop and keep on moving.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Poem on Best Friend - Mr. Unlimited

Tearing the veil of heaven,
God peeped from above,
To come down to earth,
To search for a heart full of love,
He focused His light on few souls,
But He found white paint of black souls,
He then saw a soul in the starry night,
A soul that was a reservoir of......
.....Unlimited generosity,
A soul generous to all his friends,
......Unlimited honesty,
An honest soul royal to his friends and work,
......Unlimited compassion,
A compassionate soul to help the distressed,
......Unlimited courage,
Courage to encounter danger with an unbroken spirit,
......Unlimited hope,
Hopes to face finite disappointments of life,
......Unlimited knowledge,
Knowledge used as wings for a flight to heaven,
......Unlimited enthusiasm,
Enthusiasm to win over challenges,
......Unlimited dreams,
Dreams to expand the horizon of success,
.....Unlimited potential,
Potential to grow,
......Unlimited virtues,
Virtues that are going into oblivion today,
.....Unlimited purity,
A soul with purity of mind and heart;
God then gave a content smile,
With an ecstasy of delight,
He shouted from above,
Hey, Mr Unlimited!
I wish to reside in your heart,
Cause your heart is full of unlimited divine love.