Friday, 15 June 2012

My Brother - Light of My Life.avi

Monday, 11 June 2012

My Great Brother

Wondering how things would have been
without your hands to back me up
and without your words to light me up.
The times when you committed
your breaths to me, it’s my treasure.
The times when you left
your comforts for me, it’s my fortune.

A true savior and a true hero,
a soul, selfless and a man divine.

I can’t pay a great tribute but
all I can do is worship you along
for if I see God, it resides in you.

Don't You Wish Me - Asks a Girl Child

I dreamt about my own little place
inside your selfish world-
I created life and I nurtured it,
I pledged to devote my heart
to your beats.
I loved every form of your existence,
watching you close, caring for you.
I even reached the acme of perfection,
became the moment of your pride.

But then someone swallowed it – the dream!
It was gone, so was I.

Why could not I live the dream?
Why could not I live?

Look me in the eyes and hold the sight,
Don’t you wish me too?
Me- the mother, the daughter, the giver.