Saturday, 26 March 2011

Poem About Life - Journey of Life

I wish to begin the journey of life,
New afresh to beat failure and strife,
I wish to walk an extra mile,
To fight discomforts with an endearing smile,
I wish to fly and kiss the sky,
And teach to fly high and high,
I wish to forget the past with its pain,
To love the beautiful life again,
I wish to set myself free,
To accept what all life offers me,
Yes I have to learn to move on,
Because life will keep going on and on.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Poem on Brother- Loving Touch

Everything my brother touches in his loving way,
Blossoms in his tender care and brightens day by day,
That's why I bring him all my hopes, and my disappointments too,
Knowing of his special love, for helping dreams come true.

Maybe it's the word he says, that makes the subshine start,
Maybe it's his endless faith, that really warms my heart,
I don't know just what it is, that makes him loving so much,
But everyday I thank God...
...For my dear brother's loving touch.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Sad Poem - A Vision in Dark

Man has lived million of years,
To kill hatred and tears,
To kill venegeance and bring peace,
To turn lost hope to ease,
Down the street open your eyes,
You'll see a girl who sits and cries,
Near the gutter lies a baby,
Cold, weak, tired and starved,
Millions dying without a mission,
Fighting for power, land, and religion,
You'll see brothers fighting for property and land,
A sword of hatred in many people's hand,
Orphaned children and widowed women,
The story of their lives written with black pen,
This is a vision in dark,
It will change but one has to give a spark.

Inspirational Poem - Just Never

One day you'll see,
That all your dreams have finally come true,
What you have wished for,
Has finally come to be.
You'll then never again look back,
To remember the pain past gave you,
But with joy you will move ahead,
To celebrate success your efforts offered you.
Just never let go of hope,
Just never quit dreaming,
Never let love depart from your life,
Just never stop and keep on moving.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Poem on Best Friend - Mr. Unlimited

Tearing the veil of heaven,
God peeped from above,
To come down to earth,
To search for a heart full of love,
He focused His light on few souls,
But He found white paint of black souls,
He then saw a soul in the starry night,
A soul that was a reservoir of......
.....Unlimited generosity,
A soul generous to all his friends,
......Unlimited honesty,
An honest soul royal to his friends and work,
......Unlimited compassion,
A compassionate soul to help the distressed,
......Unlimited courage,
Courage to encounter danger with an unbroken spirit,
......Unlimited hope,
Hopes to face finite disappointments of life,
......Unlimited knowledge,
Knowledge used as wings for a flight to heaven,
......Unlimited enthusiasm,
Enthusiasm to win over challenges,
......Unlimited dreams,
Dreams to expand the horizon of success,
.....Unlimited potential,
Potential to grow,
......Unlimited virtues,
Virtues that are going into oblivion today,
.....Unlimited purity,
A soul with purity of mind and heart;
God then gave a content smile,
With an ecstasy of delight,
He shouted from above,
Hey, Mr Unlimited!
I wish to reside in your heart,
Cause your heart is full of unlimited divine love.