Sunday, 3 July 2011

Poem on Childhood - Looking Back on Childhood

I look back on my childhood days
Everything around was beautiful
Hearts filled with innocence
Life was just wonderful.

I remember the silly games
And the naïve ways to enjoy
No sense no meaning to life
But still life was filled with joy.

My dictionary had no words
Like injustice, hatred, and war
There was no distinction
And never a feeling of abhor.

With sincerer honesty deep within
And the purest of heart
Filled with virtuous emotions
The childhood has gone past.

A painful contrast is now discovered
Between childhood and adolescence
The undulating moments of youth today
Echoes the reflection of lost innocence.


  1. Hey, i love this poem! i found it during an English lesson and when i read it out, my teacher said it was beautiful! i hope it's alright if i use it in my English essay?

    1. Ya sure you can use it Christina....But please don't publish it anywhere using any other name.

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