Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Poem about Life - Journey of Life

Life is an uncertain journey
…a journey with a destination not known

Looking back over the years…
I can feel the warmth of every new day
I can see the aura of love enlightening my world
I can feel myself cruising through the wonderland
I can sense the small yet beautiful joys of life
I can smile to the naughty yet pleasant moments
Yes…I can see life smiling with me

But life changes…
…changes over time

I can now see the light descending
The beautiful journey has embraced sorrow
As if I have innocently crushed my own life
No aura surrounding me to give me hope
No dream left to sustain me through life’s challenges
No joy left to get a smile to my face
No shadow to accompany me through the tough storm
And now… I see life smiling at me.

Journey moves on and so do I
With empty hands and barren heart
Just then a flash of light glimpse the road ahead
A new hope rekindles within
And the truth of life strikes within
After every day…even after the darkest hours
There is sunshine tomorrow
The descending light will again ascend
And the darkness will descend
Giving a new hope a new start
…a new start for my same uncertain journey
I am sure life will again smile with me on this journey of life.

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